ROMA (Result Oriented Management and Accountability)

Results Oriented Management and Accountability, or ROMA, is a methodology intended to improve the overall management and accountability of your agency. It is based on principles developed specifically for nonprofit institutions. As such, it penetrates every level of your organization, from your tri-partite board to your frontline staff. ROMA is not a program. ROMA is not data collection software. ROMA is an approach to the business of providing social services.

ROMA considers your mission, your community assessment, your plans, your implementation, and your outcomes and allows you to manage your performance as a catalyst for increasing self-sufficiency in your community. Results-oriented management addresses the very core of Community Action and involves your community assessment, your agency vision, your strategic plan, your programmatic decisions and your funding. It also affects how you provide services and interact with your clients to inform your process and services. The full ROMA cycle allows your agency to grow to its fullest capacity.

The Office of Community Services (OCS) has commissioned the National Association for State Community Services Programs (NASCSP) to develop next Generation ROMA. OCS also requires that at least 25% of Training and Technical Assistance funds distributed through Regional Performance and Innovation Consortia (RPIC) are used to assure all eligible entities participate in a ROMA Next Generation effort.  Meanwhile, many of us (the official estimate is 80%) don’t yet understand what the Full ROMA Cycle really is.

The Region VI RPIC is working to prepare community action agencies across Region VI for Next Generation ROMA. ROMA assessment, evaluation and training are available from ROMA-certified staff and members of the Arkansas Community Action Agency Association. Contact Rose Adams at for additional information.

The Region VI RPIC has committed to providing regionally-based ROMA certification training to two candidates from each state in the region to enhance the understanding of ROMA practices and assist in its implementation across the region. These candidates will then be available in the region to assist in promoting ROMA practices and providing ROMA training at the local or regional levels within a state and across Region VI.

Click here for candidate selection criteria and here for a timeline and expense matrix.

We encourage you to consider ROMA training for your Board, Executive Management Staff, Program Management Staff, and Frontline workers. Contact your State Association Office to discuss options for training opportunities.